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We are currently recruiting Assistant Site Managers for two developments in Salford.

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Job Description

Job title:                               Assistant Site Manager


Reports to:                          Site manager

Accountable to:                 Contracts manager

Main objectives:               

  1. The Assistant Site Manager reports directly to the Site Manager on all matters relating to the day to day running of the development.

  2. The Assistant Site Manager will always adopt the highest level of professionalism to carry out the duties expected of him/her.              

  3. The position of the Assistant Site Manager is that of the second most senior company representative on site and will be qualified at a minimum to the required Site Supervision standard in accordance with the Company’s policy.     

  4. The Assistant Site Manager assists with responsibility for the required standards of Health & Safety on site, protection of works, presentation and quality of product.  Working to the agreed build programme and financial parameters set by management for the particular development.


Key responsibilities:       


The following list of duties and responsibilities is intended to reflect the principal elements of the Assistant Site Manager’s role only and is therefore not exhaustive.  In essence the role of the Assistant Site Manager is the same as the Site Manager however it is predominately to assist and support the Site Manager’s duties as below:


  • To have read, understood and comply with the Company Policies & Procedures at all times.

  • Alongside the Site Manager take ownership of agreed build programmes at pre-start meetings and assist Site Manager in accepting and checking the full build package handed over at this meeting by the Company.

  • Assist with ensuring that Health & Safety procedures are strictly adhered to and work closely with the Company’s Health & Safety team.  To maintain and produce, on request, up to date Health & Safety records.

  • Assist with the delivery of all aspects of production requirements in strict accordance with relevant technical and planning documentation provided and any subsequent instructions that may be necessary from time to time.  To conform fully to building regulations and warranty providers’ requirements (NHBC, CRL, LABC etc)

  • Assist with ensuring cost effective production in line with development budgets by ensuring that work undertaken is in full accordance with the cost provision allocated and as confirmed in cost valuations.            

  • Assist with the organisation of regular site production meetings and pre-plan and ensure efficient usage of all resources, including application of quality supervision and communication regime of labour, sub-contractors, plants and materials.

  • Ensure that anything which is likely to affect the Company’s performance is notified to the Site Manager and Contract Manager immediately

  • Contribute to ensuring accurate production/progress returns are updated and sent to the Contract Manager in accordance with the Company policy.        

  • Assist the Site Manager in ensuring compliance with Watson Homes Site Management Manual

  • Assist with the completion of the required Watson Homes Property Inspections Record using the electronic Development Management System in order to provide sign-off for completed works.

  • Assist with ensuring that practical completions are formulated with contract requirements to ensure mutual compatibility            

  • Assist with ensuring the site security and good practice is maintained at all times 

  • Assist with ensuring sensible levels of stock control in accordance with build requirements including proper checking and recording of deliveries   

  • Assist with ensuring the quality of the finished product accords with Company and warranty provider expectations         

  • Build in accordance with relevant standards, Codes of Practice, Building Regulation and warranty requirements in force at the time      

  • Fully co-operate with the Company’s Aftecare & Defect Conditions.         

  • Ensure all site administration is carried out in accordance with the Company’s requirements

  • Ensure all sub-contractors work within the required specification and adhere to general Company Policies  

  • Ensure all directly employed personnel work within the required specification and adhere to the general Company Polices.

  • Ensure satisfactory site management cover in times of holiday cover, training and unexpected sickness of Site Manager                   

  • Become more involved without prompting, on site presentation, waste management and projection of WiP    

  • Ensure plots are finished to a high standard – take ownership of plots under your control until completion            

  • Carry out safety inductions

  • Deal with general public     

  • Carry out home tours and demonstrations     

  • Ensure air testing is carried out and plots passed         

  • Accompany building inspector when CML is carried out               

  • Carry out monthly meter readings and report this to the office    

  • Liaise with the Clerk of Works and where he makes comments ensure these are reviewed and agreed with the site, construction and commercial teams prior to carrying out.

  • Deal with handovers to clients/purchasers/customers 

  • Make courtesy calls to customers as may be required.

  • Ensure all customer care paperwork is complete          

  • Additionally and occasionally an Assistant Site Manager may be requested to manage a “less busy” site by the Contracts Manager.  In this instance the Assistant Site Manager will assume the role and anticipated duties of a Site Manager.  It is imperative that given this situation the Contracts Manager has properly assessed the Assistant Site Manager for levels of competency for this role.

  • Always represent Watson Homes professionally in both personal appearance and conduct.

  • Carry out any other reasonable tasks in accordance with operational needs as requested by your managers.

Essential criteria relevant to the job

Skills knowledge and aptitude:

  1. Must be competent in the use of Microsoft Projects

  2. Communication skills

  3. Ability to motivate and support staff

  4. Ability to liaise with internal and external personnel

  5. Meeting deadlines

  6. Enthusiastic

  7. Flexible

  8. Attention to detail

  9. Able to embrace training


Qualifications and training – essential

  1. Formal site management qualification

  2. CSCS card

  3. SMSTS certificate

  4. First Aid at Work certificate

Qualifications and training – desirable

  1. Scaffold Appreciation

  2. Temporary Works Co-ordinator

  3. IPAF MEWPs for Managers

  1. PASMA Management of Mobile Access Towers

  2. Asbestos Awareness training

  1. Fire Warden training

  2. Good working knowledge of NHBC technical standards

  3. Good working knowledge of Robust Details / Accredited Details.


These are illustrative duties outlining the typical requirements of the post holder.  The post holder is not limited to the duties outlined above and is expected to become involved in a range of work to allow the company to respond effectively to its requirements.

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